Behind the Name

The hardest part of this whole process so far has been brainstorming and deciding on a name to brand my art and vintage shop. I wanted something simple, yet evocative of strong feelings and emotions. I didn't want to merely use my own name, as I like the idea of creating an atmosphere and using the blog/shop name as the pervading tone. Love of Pine was one of my husband's suggestions, and it just seemed like the perfect fit since our kitty's name is Pine, as well as the forest being one of my favorite places to escape to.

Ryan and I adopted Pine ("Precious", before we changed it) a month after we were married and just two months after Pine was born. She is the first pet that I have ever owned personally and has captured my heart entirely. Pine is playful yet nervous, fiercely independent until she wants her head rubbed and her cheeks scratched, loves her window perch, does not like being picked up and cradled (although I can't help it sometimes), gets so excited for treat time and will do tricks to earn them, and enjoys her daily routine immensely. I love her so much and truly think of her as my little furry baby (like the true cat lady that lives inside me). Pine represents firsts with my husband, firsts in my own life, and the incredible journey that we have been on since taking those first steps to adopt her. I hope this business will also represent a positive first step in my personal and professional growth.

Other than my kitty, Pine, the more literal sense of the word - pine - also applies. Ryan and I honeymooned in Washington and Oregon amidst the pine trees. We celebrated our one year anniversary by taking the train from our home in Southern California to Seattle and then took a bus into Vancouver, British Colombia. We explored the Olympic National Forest with it's jaw-dropping views and larger-than-life trees. In Canada, we traveled far outside the city center to Chilliwack Lake and camped for a few days to fully take in what nature had to offer us. This trip remains one of my most favorite memories in my entire life --as we were able to hike and swim and talk and pray with no distractions, no technology. It was just us and the trees.

These are the feelings, emotions, memories that I want to evoke through Love of Pine. Not just for myself, but I hope anyone who visits my blog/shop can think back to simpler times, joyful moments in their own lives.