About the Art

Two weekends ago, Ryan and I spent our Saturday exploring Pasadena, as we have so many times before, but this time we did something new and bought tickets for the Norton Simon Museum. We love art museums -- really any type of museum -- so I'm not sure why we have never been here! It's so close to the main downtown shopping area, off Colorado Blvd., and there is a free parking lot that is super easy to access. The grounds are beautiful, and they have a great collection of art! 

I knew that they had several pieces by Monet on display, and I was so excited to see them up close as I have admired his brushwork for years. The painting above is of Monet's personal garden in Giverny, France. 

The piece above is from a series of murals by Sam Francis that were completed in the late 1950's. Francis sustained a major injury during his army training in WWII, and so due to his immobility from his injury and being bedridden for several years, he took to painting. He was inspired by abstraction, light, color, the California landscape, Monet's waterlilies, and Pierre Bonnard. 

These two pieces are part of the Degas' collection at Norton Simon. I was so excited to see these pieces in person as well, and I was in luck, as there are over 100 pieces of his on display at the museum! Degas' work is delicate, feminine, so beautiful. His focus on the human spirit and the psychological elements are so apparent. You definitely won't be disappointed!